I’m proud to announce that the Audiobook version of Another Fairy Bastard has been recorded in its entirety and should be on the “shelves” in April.  After listening to more narrators than I could count, I settled on two very good options, and then promptly threw them out the window when I received an audition from Stewart Daniels.  His voice was the voice of Dalt that I heard in my head.  His annunciation and alliteration were spot on.  His ability to do vocally satisfying and emotionally evocative voices made it a very easy choice.  I will attach his info here.  He was and continues to be a sincere pleasure to work with.

  • Stewart Daniels
  • Narrator
  • A professional singer and actor, Daniels has developed a speaking voice that is at once commanding and highly entertaining, using musical cadences to make his narrations come to life. With a clear natural tenor, Daniels can lower his voice slightly to produce a rich baritone for male characters, or lighten his tone to produce a credible female voice. His Canadian accent is lucid and concise, and he also has a command of an upper-class English accent. Daniels has experience reading children’s books, having worked for years as a substitute teacher, but has a rich vocabulary necessary for any level of English text.

As soon as I have the date, I will announce it here and on my facebook page, as well as in my associated groups.  I look forward to its release as much as I did the eBook and print versions.  It will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

All my best,