Welcome to my online home.  I hope it will be yours as well.  My goal is for this to be an interactive journey between you, my readers, and myself.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask through the contact buttons, and I will respond through here.  I will begin by answering the first four questions I have been asked, and will keep it as a living document after that.

Q.     When is the 2nd book coming out?

A.     September, 2021.


Q.     Your magic system seems pretty systematic, does it come from a game?

A.     It does not come from an existing game, but it is certainly written with that eventuality in mind.  I can’t say more than that at this time.


Q.     Wow, the Philippines, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book outside of a WWII book with a setting there.  What made you think of there?

A.     My wife is from the Philippines.  It is a country full of warm, wonderful, and very social people. It has in the past suffered from a depressed economy, but its current leadership is well on the way to making that nation a leader in its region


Q.     I saw in the back of the book that you welcome Fan Art and Cosplays of your characters.  How do I submit one?

A.     Just send your artwork or cosplay to ron@ronrandallwrites.com  If I post to the site, which is my intent for the Gallery section, I will happily send you a signed book in return.  You are not giving up rights, you are simply putting it into a format where it can be viewed and appreciated by other fans.