Art Inspired by

Another Fairy Bastard


Dalton (Dalt) Graham is bright, creative and a genuinely good young man. He served a term in the US Army and has been enrolled at SDSU for three years. He has just discovered he possesses magical abilities and that his past is not exactly what he thought it was.

Katayina (Katie)

Katayina (Katie) is the daughter of Jeva and Eloa, she is young but mature, although she likes to be in a situation where she can be a little wild. She is skilled with blades and a shotgun, and at some point in the future will be the Shaman of the Lost Tribe. She is as comfortable with a spell as the shotgun.

Umiwyn (Umi)

Umiwyn (Umi) Nittaku is kind, intelligent and respectful. She is a world class martial artist and possesses abilities that go beyond the physical. She is unaware of her powers.


Esmerelda comes from a long line of sorcerers. She does not use spells, she simply mezmerizes at will. She is unaware she has the power. She sees things instinctively at their base level and is an excellent judge of character. She has respectable skills with a butterfly knife and a machette. She instinctively grasps and controls situations without actively trying. She is fiercely loyal to friends.


Boby is half Lost Tribe and half Filipino. He is athletic, posesses skills with escrima sticks, and considers himself a ladies man. He is brave and loyal, and posesses some artistic ability.


Rika is a warrior of the Tow-i-te people. She is also a Nadir, a position of honor among them, who are immune to magic. She is a fierce fighter, and would rather die than yeild. She is very untrusting of people she does not know. Her staff seldom leaves her hand.


Feliza Cantal, The Witch of Ocotillo, is a figure of mystery. It is known she was on the train with Queen Isabella when she departed Spain with her brother. She has been seen in the company of kings and rulers as paramour on many ocassions if one digs deeply. She currently lives in a realm outside of our own, accessed through the Last Chance Diner in Ocotillo, California. She has left behind power games and views it like a retirement. She looks like a very vibrant 40 year old woman of Spanish descent.


Eduardo Cantal, the brother of Feliza, is exceptionally skilled with a rapier and epee. He is athletic, stronger and quicker than one might think possible. He seems to be in his late 30’s, an attractive man of Spanish descent. He has no powers to speak of but does not age and heals in days instead of months. He is upright, but his primary mission is to protect Feliza.


Kitzu is the 18 year old younger sister of Umi. Where Umi is shy and reserved around strangers, Kitzu basks in their attention. She is a talented martial artist, but not at the same level as Umi. She does possess magical abilities which will be revealed in time.

Group Submissions.


Neneko as Umi

Mochi_lin as Kitzu

Mochi_lin as Umi